November 06, 2019

Toon Blast: Complete The levels And Enhance The Rewards And Experience


In order to complete any game, the most important thing to remember is ways to complete. 

Toon Blast is a tricky puzzle game, and the levels in Toon Blast are so much. 

Every week new levels release, and there are few players who are up to the entire levels of the game. 

If you’re upto completing the levels, then there are several ways to complete them. 

Every player who plays Toon Blast has one common motive, and it is to complete the levels, but in the higher levels, they just quit. So to e the best you have to follow some tips and these written below –

Complete the levels

As I mentioned above that in the game Toon Blast, so many levels are available, and every week these levels just keep increasing because there are so many players in the world who are playing. 

It’s an interesting yet tough puzzle game, and there are several ways to complete it.

Try not to use the boosters

Boosters are an important part, but in the beginning levels of Toon Blast, it is all easy to complete. 

Best way to complete the levels in to hold on the boosters and use them in those times when there is no other way to blasting the cutes.  

Boosters can easily help to complete levels, but they are in a limited amount, so use them in major times and when you are facing some difficulty.

Earn the rewards by completing the levels

By complete the levels, there will be two major things happen, and these are rewards and experience. 

Experience levels matter a lot to getting the rewards and also unlocking the levels. 

The best way to enhance the experience and rewards is to complete the levels faster and in a proper way without repeating many times.

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