October 22, 2019

A Complete Currency Guide to Dragon City- Mobile Game!

It is essential for all the users to earn game currency in sufficient amount if he/she needs to enjoy the game more. 

Whereas if you don't know anything about currency, then stay focused on upcoming content. Here we are going to clear all your doubts. 

Game currencies are needed to perform every activity smoothly. Like for upgrading battles, unlocking levels, improve skills of dragons, creating a world of dragons, buying items, and each task of the game. 

It is not an easy task to earn game currencies more, but with the help of some quests, it is possible.

Mainly four kinds of currencies are used in Dragon City game namely-

            • Gold

            • Gems

            • Food

            • EXP


Gold is considered as the primary currency of the game from which one can upgrade dragon skills, buy eggs, and can purchase necessary items.

Also, gold can be used to crop foods and unlocking dragon battle skills.

To earn gold in sufficient amount one needs to complete more quests, missions in addition to selling rare dragons. Don't forget to collect the daily reward, which helps to earn more gold.


Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game from which superior activities can be performed.

One can use gems for boosting levels and increasing the dragon's performance. 

Also, one can upgrade more hatches by using gems correctly. It's hard for the users to earn this currency but by completing missions and by spending real cash, one can it.


Collecting food in more amount is essential for the users as, without it, they cannot make their dragons stronger. 

Feeding more food to dragons make them stronger and mighty enough to win every single battle easily. You can find the food in the clan and can earn it by completing missions beside farming.

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